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After Hours Answering

Want to stay connected your business in after hours? Or Need to maintain consistent availability? Try After Hour Answering Service, with our world class system and trained agents. About 60% of the business grows after hours, which generate more revenue for a business consequently, our after hour answering solution is perfect for any type of business you are running.

No more missed opportunities

After Hour Answer service provided you with the best facility to keep connected with your customers. The cheap facility provided to your business growth by keeping a long-term relationship with your customers. Off-Hours yield about 25% of revenue for your business/Brand, and growth your demand in the market than your entrants.

Effects on Companies Growth

Stronger the relations and repute, famous will be the business. Our After Hour Answering service having top priority is only the growth of your local business. With our After Hours On-Call service, your customers can get the assistance they need no matter when they call, day or night.

100% customized answering service

Majority of companies having office timing from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm, Monday to Friday are working days. After hour answering service is wholly customized according to your will. Due to our 24 Hours presence, give you an edge to rise your business demand by providing your customers, online or Telephone support by managing a separate department. Therefore, IT Factor Lahore is providing these services at very low cost irrespective to manage a septate help desk in off-days.

  • On-Hours and Off-hours Business solution
  • Creative Agents with hands on services
  • Dashboard and Logs Control
  • 24/7 support and Debate

If you only want to tackle with specific concerns after hours, your account can be set up to filter out non-pertinent calls.

Why IT Factor?

Our famous system is growing days by day due to our team’s continuous day & night working. Our team review companies account and details about frequently asked questions which results to speed up the customer’s support procedure. We have feedback forum for caller which helps to analyze us to improve our system for better services. The consistency of IT Factor (24/7 including Holidays) is the proof of its success, our top priority is to support Business partners not to earn.

Ensure you are always available

After Hour answering service ensures that your customers always have the way to get your business. The IT Factor Lahore’s agents always present and appreciate to your customers to stay connected with us in this meantime. This thing improves your business quality and services you are providing. we have scheduled time slots and plans for your business, for further assistance contact us.