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Android Apps Development

This amazing and detailed Android Application Development course by I.T Factor Lahore focuses on providing the latest key elements for establishing a wide range of different Android apps. By using Android Studio; you will learn the core architecture of Android, Key principles of UI design, and Understanding of the processes. At the end of this course, you will be able to make at least two simple applications with full logic and attractive designing. This course will help you to revolutionize your organization by delivering the robust business applications for Android phones & tablets and integrate them with the enterprise systems.

Features of our courses

  • We have Certified Trainers on our team.
  • 100% practical training will be provided.
  • Help to review the recent approaches in the Application development field.
  • Flexible timings for students and employees.
  • 100% Placement support will be given.
  • Free demo class facility.
  • Affordable Fees.
  • Working on Live projects.

What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to Android Platform
  • How to establish the IDE?
  • Analyzing different components of the architectural frames
  • What are the application fundamentals?
  • Do’s and Don’ts of building a mobile application

Creating processes for User input

  • Understanding and implementing different views to build the User Interface (UI)
  • Deployment of application
  • Developing the unit tests
  • How to support and tackle the asynchronous behavior?

Performing background tasks along with the Services & implementing Toast

  • Creating UI
  • Communicating with different intents and the User
  • Processing the User Input
  • Creation and display of Toast
  • How to generate the status bar notifications
  • The concept of logging key application and events

Responding to events of User Input

  • Launching activities with intents and the User
  • How to write Java event handlers
  • Making context and options for different menus
  • Generating the activity life cycle

Integration of Android System with internal/external storage locations

  • Holding data in reply to notifications
  • Holding data for applications
  • How to select right storage options
  • Working on Shared Preferences
  • Working on SQLite database
  • Selecting the defined columns
  • Creation of content providers

Accessing the shared data resources

  • Working with content providers having URLs
  • Concept of System responsiveness and ANR errors
  • Designing and executing the asynchronous process
  • Building up of background services

Launching the Intent Services and Synchronizing Android devices with servers

  • Declaring services and exchanging data over the internet
  • Interaction with the server-side applications
  • HTTP clients communication and development for web services
  • Creation and parsing of JSON
  • Adding the Action Bar

Enhancing the User Experience

  • Using drag and drop
  • Multi-screen resolutions with different resources
  • Multi-pane UI for different fragments
  • Adding geo-location factor, GPS and Google Maps

Prerequisite for this Course

  • No pre-knowledge is required – only dedication and interest in the search engine working, marketing and a hint of web development + designing are needed.
  • A PC or Mac is required.
  • Necessary software for each module would be installed.

Class Details