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Appointment Scheduling

Giving your customer best appointment scheduling way 24/7 make great business sense. Majority of business open for 5 Days from Mon to Friday. Mostly having working hours from 9:00 Am to 5:00 Pm, therefore, this solution is valuable for your business. Your customers can schedule their appointments after your business working hours, this thing gives worth to your business than from your competitors.

Customers 24/7 Up Time Support

Our system remains online 24/7 to provide virtual support to our clients. Using IT Factor Lahore Appointment Scheduling answering 24/7 service give your business an edge. Our team consist of experts remains online to answer your customers’ phones for your business appointment, considering that it’s not our clients but it’s our own.

How Appointment Scheduling Works

Our business partners are at top priority, using appointment scheduling services easy to use and setup.

    1. You will tell us How to schedule your customer appointments.
    2. Our agents will set up, your companies timetable preferences in our online appointment software system.
    3. Regarding your business type and its workload by selecting a suitable pricing schedule.
    4. Your corporation working hours, our operators are ready to schedule your appointments around the clock.

See Appointments in Real Time

Your customers can see their appointments when & where they want. Your team can also access this appointment scheduling system to edit, reschedule, cancel and update appointment schedules. IT Factor Lahore is still providing finest solutions for its online partners.
Want a break from appointments? Snap! You are able to chunk off time promptly for that much needed vacation.

Appointment Confirmations

The caller will receive some confirmations after appointment scheduling with calendar details 24/7. The confirmation includes with appointment invitation.
Optional: You can also use the appointment confirmation credentials to send a link for more information as:

    • Appointment Instructions
    • Download forms or Links to fill out
    • Pictures and Additional information
    • Directions to your business or office
    • FAQs and more

Popular Appointment Scheduler Uses

The Appointment scheduling solution is preferred by:

  • Scheduling training sessions and interviews
  • Sales teams
  • Companies (Summits)
  • Lawyers, Medical Specialist, financial planners, and others
  • Event and class registration