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Inventory Management System

The Inventory Management System (IMS) is a management of material which includes material planning, receiving, purchasing, stores, inventory control, scrap disposal, sales and deliveries. You can also keep track of your transactions and materials ins and outs into the store. Our IMS system also produces alert for overstock or outages. Contact with our expertise, 24/7 to get this solution first.

Product identification

Barcodes, Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) and QR codes are basically part of the Inventory Management System to keep track of business products. Our software uses these methods to check whether the product is in the Inventory storage or not. Our smartphone scanning system, the optimized software helps companies to keep a record of their product and track the deliveries and storage.

Reorder Point

As some huge companies having limited products to their sales partners. Our system keeps track of these limited allocated products such that the total product which company product cannot be affected. IT Factor Lahore is offering an intelligent solution which allows seller partners with allowed items only. This thing keeps a corporation on track because all seller partners get their committed cotta.

Asset tracking

Inventory Management System allows keeping track of the product quantity into storage through Barcodes, Radio-Frequency Identifications or from QR Codes. Through the software demographics, the company easily know about their sales (Ins and Outs).
Service management
Companies which are service oriented rather than Product oriented cause our Inventory Management System to keep the material prices using scan codes or RFID. It can also attach the retail price of the product to manage their best customers experience.