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Order Processing

Now increase your online business through our Order Processing service. IT Factor Lahore is now offering cheap phone ordering service. When your customer wants to book your product after hours, then he looks for another company, this thing increases your competitors demand. Thant’s our Order Processing service will help you to get your maximum orders and upsurge your demand.

Take Order Booking 24/7

Whenever you have an online corporate you should have to open it 24/7. Especially, when you have Local Business in import/Export, now a day’s customers shop all the day, when and where they want. Our order processing solution is very helpful in this situation. No extra expenses for on duty staff 24 hours a day. Business will not grow until the expenses are minimized and profits are maximum, so, IT Factor is providing top rated services at very low cost. We have our major focus on clients’ profit, they make from the small margin.

Give consumers choices

Moreover, in facilitating the convenience of the phone to customers, our call center service helps to enhance the legal status of your operation and improve your professional image. When consumers cannot contact a company on the phone, often the company is very little or the organization is not working legally to meet their needs. Providing to phone booking facility is the blessing to increase your business worldwide.

Increase your Business by engaging audience

To engage an audience is really a key to success for a corporation. Provide your customers with 24 Hours phone call service, so that they can order at any time. Our Order Processing solution exactly according to your business need with expert and professional agents having a prompt response.

Benefits and Rewards

With our order taking solution, we have the ability to customize your inbound call center program according to what works best for you. Our agents can enter your orders directly into your e-commerce website or as a detailed report, it’s just a reward for your online business, no need to hire separate staff on duty. The following are the benefits to your corporation.

    • Order taking service
    • All calls recorded
    • Custom detailed reporting
    • 100% Premise-based agents
    • Custom program development