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Point of Sale Software

Point of sale software solution is essentially used by majority corporations to keep track of their income, taxes and returns information. POS software makes everything about retailer easier the absolute most basic POS systems keep track of sales, it adds up sales, subtracts returns and tract even changes in currencies. We have a full-fledged retail management system, it can do pretty incredible things are as:

Sales TrackingInventory ManagementCustomer Tracking Sales Tracking

The Point of sales software can track the things like which one of your salespeople sell the most which sweater sells the least. The stock of the product in your store and who purchase these products by showing all demographics.

Inventory Management

The Point of sales software in inventory management capabilities will vary based on the solution you choose but our POS now a day have the ability to at least tract a variety of SKU numbers making ringing up the breeze. IT Factor Lahore, POS solutions even come with deeper inventory management features are as:

    • Tracking where the Items physically are placing orders nearly.
    • Demographics of sales ins and outs.
    • Tracking the occurrence of transactions

Customer Tracking

The built-in customers' relationship is very important to run a business. Our Point of Sales solution having built-in customers management features. What’s does that mean? It means that you will have the ability to add the client’s information into your system to track their purchases. Through which you will be able to draw demographics about your business ins and outs. This type of tacking the customers' product improve your system and its move to growth. This stored data can also be used to run a companion to engage people for your corporation.

Our POS Systems & Business Companies

POS solutions are of great worth these days due to efficiency and less time consuming, as a result, your business grows. We having some POS system depending upon your business interest.

  1. Restaurants POS Systems
  2. Bar POS Systems
  3. Retail POS Systems
  4. Small Business POS systems
  5. Saloon and spa POS Systems