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School Management System

IT Factor Lahore integrated School Management system (SMS) is best for your institution administrative task. As, the most usable, customizable, adaptable, and reliable management solution. This is easy for the integration of tools, content and services for your teachers and students. Get our optimized School Management system (SMS) with 27/7 uptime customers support.

Software Specs and Features:

Our product in compliance with your management needs. This software is customizable and easy to adaptable according to your system needs. This software having intended tools for Teachers, Management, scholars and for students Parents. The following are some specs and features:

  • Multi Branch Control
  • Registration and Attendance
  • Time Table Scheduling
  • Assignment & Notices
  • Tuition Fee Generator
  • Report Card and Academic History
  • Online Library System

Administrative Task

School Management system (SMS) is wholly in accordance with organization desires. Now, admins having full control of Teacher, students and management records including their salaries and fees respectively. An online compilation of students results, Attendance, Grads, Fees Records, Defaulter and online students course registration are the basic tools in our school management suit. Everything is in the administrative hands they can use this product as they want, it’s easy to use and comprehend perfectly according to the organization needs.

The Faculty

The faculty of an educational system perform Attendance, Semester Grading and Exam Reports. They perform attendance of their class on the daily basis that’s why our system having a separate protocol to handle with different instructors and their classes allocated by Educational institute management staff. They have not full access just like admins but they can perform their work depending upon the need.

Students AttendanceTeachers FeedbackSemester GradingExam Reports & Remarks

Student progress and Parents Alert

Always Parents remain worried about their children education report, and those children who are not performing well they don’t bother to update their parents in reality with truth. So, our School Management system (SMS) is perfect in this sense, it notifies the administrative staff that this student is not performing well by comparing the class average. Resultantly, they drop calls and SMS to inform their parents about their children report.

Attendance ShortageStudent PerformanceInstructors Feedback