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Search Engine Optimization

This amazing and detailed SEO training course by I.T Factor Lahore focuses on latest technical, social and mobile tactics for increasing any website traffic. In this whole course, you will learn how to build SEO for international and local audiences through different methodologies like content localization, global team alignment and optimizing the desired web pages for local search engines. Not only this, but you would explore multiple strategies to optimize the mobile-friendly websites and divert the audience to their mobile apps as well. All of these techniques will help you to identify key SEO metrics and coming up with successful desired results for your clients and stakeholders.

    Features of our courses

    • We have Google Certified Trainers on our team.
    • 100% practical training will be provided.
    • Flexible timings for students and employees.
    • 100% Placement support will be given.
    • Free demo class facility.
    • Google Certification is also included in this course for students.
    • Affordable Fees.
    • We enable the students to take the necessary steps individually for conducting a website’s audit. And can develop suitable strategies for it to achieve positive change for clients and stakeholders.

      What Will You Learn?

      • Overview of Digital Marketing

      • What Digital Marketing Exactly Is?
      • What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SERP (Search Engine Results Pages), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing), and SMO (Social Media Optimization)?
      • What is Blogging & Purpose of Blogging?
      • What is AdSense & Affiliates?
      • What is Email, Mobile Marketing, and its benefits?

        Basics of Web designing (if needed), Domain registration and Hosting

        • Website Designing – HTML, CSS, PHP JavaScript
        • Building Static & Dynamic Websites
        • Purchasing Domain Names and Web Hosting
        • Connecting Domain & Hosting
        • FTP Users & Using File Zilla.
        • Domain and Web Hosting Control Panels

          The Concept of Keyword Research and Google Keyword Planner

          • What are Keywords, Keywords Research, and its importance?
          • What is Google Keyword Planner and how to use it?
          • Analyzing Keyword Competition which includes exact, phrase and broad matching in keyword finding method
          • How to Best Keywords for a Website?

            Understanding On-Page SEO

            • What is On-Page SEO?

            • Selection of Domain Name & URL Structuring
            • Head Section, Meta Tags, Description Tags, Redirection Tags and Keywords Tags Optimization
            • SEO based Content Writing
            • Concept of Keyword Density, Keyword Spamming and Keyword Stuffing
            • LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) methodology
            • Image and Link Optimization Strategies
            • Robots File and XML Sitemap Creation

              Understanding Off-Page SEO

              • What is Off Page SEO?
              • What Are Backlinks and its creation methods?
              • What are Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks?
              • What is Google Page Rank and how to increase it?
              • The Concept of Web Directory Submissions and Social Bookmarking
              • Article/Press Release/Comment/Guests Writing & Submission
              • What is Link Exchange (one way, two way, and three way)
              • Search Engine Submissions
              • RSS Feeds

                SEO Tools

                • What are Website Analysis, Plagiarism and Backlinks Checker Tools?
                • Moz Domain and Page Authority
                • What is Automatic Sitemap Generator?
                • What is Google URL Submitter, Google Site command, Google Cache command, and Google Link command?

                Google Webmaster and Analytics Tools

                • Understanding Google Webmaster & Analytics Tools and its importance
                • Setting Up Google Webmaster Tools & Analytics account and adding websites to it
                • Tracking the performance, clicks, impressions, position, etc. of the website in Google Webmaster Tools
                • Google Manual and automatic Penalties
                • GEO Targeting through Google Webmaster Tools
                • Link Analysis through Google Webmaster Tools
                • Adding site and Tracking visitors to Google Analysis Tools
                • Tracking with the help of Location, Browser, OS, and Device for Google Analysis Tools
                • Tracking in Real-time and offline through Google Analytics Tools

                Google Business

                • What is Google Business?
                • How to get listed at Google Business Center?
                • Concept of Google Business Verification
                • How to Set Up your Business Profile in Google Places?
                • How to create Reviews in Google Places?
                • How to do Google Business Listing Optimization?

                Setting up a Blog and Blog Monetization

                • What is Blogging, What is its purpose, and How to do Blogging?
                • What is &
                • How to Setup a Blog on WordPress?
                • Concept of WordPress Themes and Plugins
                • How to Set Up Navigations and Menus bar?
                • What are WordPress Widgets?
                • How to do SEO of a WordPress Blog/ Website?
                •  What is Blog Monetization and its benefits?
                • How to Blog Monetization with Google AdSense and Affiliates.

                Google AdWords and its Certification

                • The Theoretical Preparation Google AdWords Exams
                • How to Sign Up for Google AdWords Certifications

                Google AdSense

                • Understanding Google AdSense, how to apply it and how to get approved.
                • What is the Difference between Text and Display Ads?
                • How to Place Advertisements on your Blog or Website?
                • What are Custom and URL channels?
                • How to Optimize Google AdSense Ads for best performance?
                • How to earn money with Google AdSense and receive Cheques?

                Prerequisite for this Course

                • No pre-knowledge is required – only dedication and interest in the search engine working, web development and designing are needed.
                • A PC or Mac is required.
                • Necessary software for each module would be installed.

                Class Details