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Web Development Service

Do you think your business website is assuming its part in helping you accomplish your goals and objectives? Is your web architecture making it feasible for you to connect with your intended audiences? On the off chance that your answer is no, then you unquestionably need to re-examine your website architecture. In the occasion, your website composition is neglecting to target and draw in your intended interest groups no uncertainly your business is neglecting to perform at its ideal. In this manner, for every one of the organizations out there, the time has come to understand that your website design might fill in as a hindrance instead of amplifying your business reach.
We at IT FACTOR Lahore, trust that an expert website architecture, one which is as per your business needs, can go far towards augmenting your business reach and connect with your groups of onlookers. IT FACTOR Lahore is a prominent website designing and development organization in Pakistan that enables companies to support their change rates with its most extreme expert outline and advancement administrations.
IT FACTOR Lahore is perceived as a specialist that has helped organizations connect, associate, draw in and focus on their clients. Once your business hits the correct note with your intended interest groups your business can boost its profitability.
Our website designing and development work involve everything as we give careful consideration that our website compositions don't need in style either alongside being an internet searcher and easy to use and highlighting snappy transfer.
Our expert services enable organizations to distinguish their individual and specific website designing and development needs and fabricate their web presence accordingly. We are one of the enthusiastic devotees of a kind that nobody measure fits all and thusly, every business needs to distinguish it’s one of a kind needs in the event that they are to build an optimum and successful web presence.
We, at IT FACTOR Lahore, ensure that we enable you to distinguish your impossible business needs before we recommend the ideal website composition and improvised development for your business.

Our Esteemed Web Services in Pakistan includes,

  • Static HTML Website design

Whatever may be the need, Web Application Development companies provide excellent web designing services. The positive qualities of Static Web design are consistency and less requirement of scripting as well as HTML coding, which enable accurate information to be displayed. Our clients prefer to use our services and products as they are of course of the best quality.
Presently the trend is to go in for online business which is extremely blasting and the ideal approach to show one's items or different types of data is by means of Static Website design. One can positively rely on IT Factor Lahore, which happens to be professionally arranged static website designing and development. IT Factor Lahore has a variety of website designing and development techniques. Give us a shot and see with your own eyes, the great web development offered. The positive characteristics of Static Web configuration are consistency and less necessity of scripting and in addition HTML coding, which empowers exact data to be shown. Our customers want to utilize our website designing and development as they are obviously of the best quality.

  • Dynamic Website design

We at IT Factor Lahore make Dynamic Websites remembering our client’s requirement with a testing and exceptionally proficient set up of excellent creators. We outline and create websites for customers and give dynamic web answers for life up to our customer desires. We likewise guarantee inventiveness in each plan and improvement. A static website is useful for small and private ventures managing moderately basic items and services, that all are promoted in the world without much marketing. In the event that your Business requires keeping up stuff like inventories, collections or complex information arrangement on the web and thusly guaranteeing high intelligence, a dynamic website is precisely appropriate for what you require.
Dynamic Websites are database arranged and permit us for a simple change of substance, pictures, or recordings without relying on the website admin. It offers high adaptability, both for site proprietor and guests. It's significantly less demanding to give altered deals data like statements, computations, rebates and so on.

  • Responsive Website design

Keeping your business side by side with the most recent technological advancements and improvements are imperative for business so as to support their market share and their profitability. The increasing movement of mobiles and tablets instead of the traditional desktop screens changed the whole way of clients dealing with the information on the web. Responsive website design is exactly what organizations need to access, target and oblige these versatile and tab clients. This is because the customers are readily increasing to make their online purchases from the mobile phone.
IT Factor Lahore is giving proficient responsive website design services to its clients that can enable them to help their deals and increment their piece of the market share.

  • Website redesigning

Is your business website neglecting to perform well in spite of every one of your endeavors then most likely the opportunity has already come and gone to investigate the outline of your current website. Truly! One reason that your business website is neglecting to contact your clients could likewise be your website design.
If you have also started to think whether your website design is the genuine issue then we can offer you a concise investigate regardless of whether it is the situation. We propose that you don't hurry to make a choice and consider the underneath specified focuses before choosing whether or not to overhaul your present website

  • Content Management Services (WordPress/Joomla/Drupal)

Have you been dedicating too much of your time, resources and efforts for your website optimization only to find out how one can boost the search engine rankings and profitability that is doing nothing to boost your search engine rankings and/or profitability? Then you must need to reconsider your strategy and working policy. At IT Factor Lahore, we have had the opportunity of getting in to with several such businesses that despite of due consideration to design, development, SEO and other platforms were not able to achieve the results that they struggled for and desired.
We, at IT Factor Lahore, suggest our client to pay equal consideration to content upgrades the absence of which may otherwise be serving as hindrance to their search engine visibility and rankings. Having a static site can really bring down your rankings as web indexes like Google have an unmistakable inclination for consistent and visit content moves up to offer the best and refreshed outcomes for the client seek. Today, organizations require a rich kind of variation in highlights, functions, designs, outline and even their items/services which appears to be incomprehensible in the situation of static sites.
Following are some of the major benefits of the most popular Web Content Management Systems:

  • Drupal

Drupal can possibly work as a rich and boundless distributing platform. In this way, Drupal is specially created with extraordinary tools that have an inbuilt potential to enable organizations to look, structure, sort out and reuse their substance. Also, Drupal accompanies a simple to utilize and skillfully composed interface that fills in as a perfect stage for organizations to set up a community website.

  • WordPress

What helps the WordPress to stand out among others is its affordability related with this stage is not just simple but at the same time is fast. WordPress is fundamentally perceived as an easy to use and famous content management system. Along these lines, if you want to look for any content management system that is quick and easy-to-use plus affordable, the WordPress is in fact the best content management system for you.

  • Joomla

Joomla is one of the credible that is used by many industry pioneers. Therefore, if you are also looking to grow and prosper perhaps you can also take advantage of this platform. Similarly, Joomla is the choice for all those who wish to have multi-lingual and highly interactive e-commerce applications, online communities, media portals, blogs and websites. Owing to all its properties, Joomla has gained the reputation of the CMS system that has an attitude of doing everything.

  • E-Commerce Application Development

Just increase the standards and strategies for your clients with such a good online experience that helps in giving them something extra. Keep it in mind to feature certain promotions too on regular occasions, which can push traffic to particular parts of your website. Some of our remarkable features of working are:

  • When taking E-Commerce services make sure to show the users related products that complement or are like the product page they are seeing is an incredible approach to build the primary concerns. Try to demonstrate the clients related items that supplement or resemble the item page they are seeing is an inconceivable way to deal with construct the essential concern.
  • Using this kind of feature can affect clients to contribute more money and time on your website by indicating them items that take after the ones they have demonstrated. In spite of the fact that clients can simply do this physically, having social offer catches significantly expands the odds that somebody will impart a product to their informal communities. This is what our E-Commerce website design company do.
  • It helps in enabling your clients to customize their online business experience on your website by giving them the capability to filter all of the categories by analyzing the costs and recognition.
  • By giving clients a ‘View All’ option is ultimately a smart choice to make things simpler. It helps clients to see each and everything just on one page and can leave their previous reviews in one go. It is a part of product filtering option which helps to make us the most prioritized ecommerce website development company.
  • Clients love to have all of the product information, including the broad details about each of the products in a clean and user-friendly manner.
  • IT Factor Lahore offers one of the best dynamic shopping carts in their E-Commerce websites. The user experience is smooth and the client is guaranteed that their products have been added to the cart, so there’s no point of confusion.
  • Different shipping and delivery options are a must-have thing. We are the best to make the checkout process as simple as we can. The moment of clicking the last ‘Submit’ button should be as relieved as possible.

Flash Website

For websites, it is really important to be good in aspect of designing and animation as well as technically. Website designers are always in constant search to add newness to their websites and flash is a great tool to do this. This amazing software adds dynamism, exceptional sound effects, lighting, and extra ordinary animation have become an integral part of the presentation on your website. Flash website design makes the virtual world come into reality like-thing. It can be used in any kind of websites like for games, information websites etc. as it helps to incorporate small and intricate details in the design and make it look more real and eye-catching.
Flash website designing is more creative, effective, clear and simple to incorporate the message to the larger audience.

Payment Gateway Integration

IT Factor Lahore’s payment gateway integration and solutions will help you to make real time financial transactions in an adaptable, flexible, safe and secure kind of environment. We use different kind of hardware and software encryption techniques to provide extra added layer of security into your sensitive information such as credit card numbers to ensure that the financial information should remain between only you and your client. It really helps in making the real-time transactions with the help of credit and debit cards. The consumer authentication has been made really easy. Fraud management system is built-in in it with automatic reporting option so, what else one wants.

Web Enabled Applications

Web Enabled Applications development has gone through some major changes in the last few years. Different technologies like ASP, PHP, JSP, .NET, Cold Fusion etc allow us to convert major business processes and legacy application into web enabled applications.
Our design allow more individuals to share the data located on a centralized server. We can implement different levels of security to ensure the integrity of your data. You need to invest only on compatible hardware which needs no extra high0end computers and stuff for running the application.
Come and work with us to design a specific solution that will suit your requirements. We will be happy to discuss with you your problems and queries, according to your specific business requirements.

We, the team of IT Factor Lahore can be of help at all stages of your Web Design and Development Process. Our skill enables us to enable business at all phases of their web designing and development process. Along these lines, regardless of whether you are considering to upgrade your present website designing and development or whether you are hoping to launch your website, we can be of assistance at all phases of your business cycle.

What makes us different are our,

  1. Technical Expertise
  2. Mobile friendly platform
  3. Able to work with short deadlines
  4. Trend-setting responsive website designs
  5. Speedy delivery

Want to know more about our web design and development process contact us at or call us at (+92-301-4878406). Moreover, you can also request a free quote at our website.