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Auto CAD Training

One of the best AutoCAD courses in Lahore are offered by our I.T Factor Lahore Institute which not only educates you about all the basics of AutoCAD but also trains you to design and draft in 2D. You will be able to create, modify, layer, annotate and prepare maps for drawing by the end of this course. Have a look at the main factors of this course.

Features of our courses:

  • The course has been designed by keeping in mind the limitations of the beginners and the skill set already possessed by someone who already knows the basics.
  • The course starts with the basic concepts of AutoCAD designing, where one will understand the importance of drawing and drafting.
  • Working on Live Projects will really help to implement the theoretical concepts.
  • After the completion of the course, successful candidates will be able to develop advanced level of models from the scratch-level.
  • We guarantee that our course is the best value for money in Lahore.

What Will You Learn?

  • Beginner Phase

Introduction to GUI
Concept of Line and Angles
Sub commands
Selection of Objects
Scroll, Click and Hold functions
Offset, Extend, Trim, etc.
Layouts with Viewports

  • Intermediate Phase

Creating Templates and Creating/Managing layers
Function of different properties like Color, Linetype, Lineweight, etc.
Drawing  Utilities
Options Dialogue Box
Data Extraction and Linking
Text, Parametrics and Dimensions
Concept of Blocks
CAD Standards

  • Advanced Phase

Introduction to 3D drawing and its Working
Solid modelling concept and its position
Mesh Modelling

Prerequisite for this Course

No pre-knowledge is required – only dedication is the need.
A PC or Mac is required.
Necessary software for each module would be installed.

Class Details