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CCNA Training

This amazing and detailed CCNA training course by I.T Factor Lahore focuses on latest technical aspects which enable them to become an expert in IPv4 and IPv6 networks. It helps the students to become a proficient I.T person which enables them to fully engage in routing and switching platforms as well.  The best part of this course is that it prepares the students to successfully pass the Cisco Certified Network Associate in Routing and Switching exam.

Features of our courses

We have Cisco Certified Trainers on our team.
100% practical training will be provided.
Flexible timings for students and employees.
100% Placement support will be given.
Free demo class facility.
Affordable Fees.

What Will You Learn?

  • How to build a simple network?

Exploring some Functions of Networking
Concept of different Communications Model
Concept of LAN
Introduction to Cisco
Understanding of Ethernet and Switch with troubleshooting

  • Process of Internet connectivity

Understanding the TCP/IP Internet/ Transport Layer, its Addressing and Functions
Concept and function of Routing
Configuring a Cisco Router
What is Static Routing
How to enable the internet connection

  • How to maintain the network device security

Securing the Administrative access
Implementation of device and traffic filtering

  • Introduction to IPv6

Basics and Understanding of IPv6
Configure the routing mechanism of IPv6

  • Establishing and Troubleshooting a network

Implementation of VLAN and routing between it
Troubleshooting with VLAN
Building different switch methodologies
Troubleshooting IPv4 and IPv6 Network Connectivity

  • Working with WAN

Concept and understanding of WAN
Configuring WAN Procedures
Concept of VPN solutions

  • Implementation of EIGRP and OSPF

Implementing and Troubleshooting EIGRP for IPv6
Implementing and Troubleshooting Multi-area OSPF solution for IPv4

  • Management of Network Devices

Configuring devices to support management of networks and protocols
How to manage Cisco network devices
Generating its License

Prerequisite for this Course

No pre-knowledge is required – only dedication and interest in the search engine working, web development and designing are needed.
A PC or Mac is required.
Necessary software for each module would be installed.

Class Details