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Digital Marketing Service

We at IT Factor Lahore, design persistent digital marketing exercises through which customers can access to accessible data of any business websites from wherever in whenever. It is additionally the important wellspring of connecting with your potential customers and interfaces them through your social media marketing activities.

Our Services

  • Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing companies are more focused on making an identity of a business on the internet. Internet and particularly the social media has brought about revolutionary changes in how customers buy today though this can also be attributed to the presence of intense competition.
Today, customers want to access a lot of information about the products/services, want to know other’s experiences about these products/services along with accessing user reviews of these products/services. Therefore, offering them an easy access to information, connecting with them, interacting with them and bringing all these to a platform is important for businesses to instill confidence in their customers.
In the event that we could answer this is one sentence, it would be that today organizations can't manage the cost of missing on the open door that the online networking showcasing offers. Online networking advertising not just offers organizations a chance to connect and draw in their clients it additionally offers them a chance to pick up movement to their site. Besides, it likewise introduces an awesome open door for organizations to mark their items/administrations and along these lines emerge in the opposition. Underneath we will give you a rundown of reasons why you ought to choose the web-based social networking stage.

  1. Exceptionally Cost Effective
  2. Connect with Global Audiences
  3. Speedy and Instant Delivery
  4. Transfer Variety of Content
  5. Directed and Focused

Social Media Marketing can't be limited to transfer your own profile pictures, share your audits, post your occasion updates and refresh current news sustains, however, it can likewise convey messages in light of new musings and thoughts regarding your organization.

  • Search Engine Optimization - SEO

There are different best positions accessible for each indexed lists page. The web crawler process initially dissects the pages in like manner, and after that give them their suited rankings. At the point when individuals tend to make the utilization of the diverse watchwords for the inquiry then they effectively discover the site pages that are upgraded by the best possible rules of Google. Site design improvement.
SEO needs the best possible adjust of the on location and offsite both; as these are the two critical variables that are considered for the main page comes about. On location streamlining is identified with the essential structure of the site and the substance. It incorporates:

    1. Recognition of the combination of best keywords clusters.
    2. Comparison of the previous content with the best keywords clusters.
    3. Developing fresh content for best keywords clusters.
    4. Having the ideal website architecture.
    5. Having the offsite optimization with the inbound links from other several online sources.
    6. Creating a very good and high-profile incoming sort of links.
    7. An active presence of social media.
    8. Inbound and Outbound Link building.
    9. Make Baseline
    10. Pre Optimization Report
    11. Pre Marketing Report
    12. Keyword Research, Analysis and Finalization
    13. Meta labels and Keywords
    14. Upgrade in Internal Connecting and Navigation Structure
    15. Upgrade Existing pages for Search Engines
    16. New Content and Meta Tags
    17. ALT Tags
    18. RSS

  • Pay-Per-Click – PPC Advertising

PPC (pay-per-click) is a model for promoting on the web in which advertisers pay an expense when one of their advertisements is clicked by client/guest. Fundamentally, it's a method for purchasing visits to your website, as opposed to get defined earnings those visits suddenly.
Search engine publicizing is the most well-known technique of PPC. It gives promoters a chance to offer for advertisement arrangement in a search engine's supported connections when somebody scans for a keyword that is identified with their business advertising.
Go to your engaged gathering of a group of onlookers at the ideal time, through the right stages and by right paid media advancing system.
The first and the chief thing that a powerful PPC AdWords requires is a compelling statistical surveying. Also, it requires an intensive comprehension of the purchaser seeks designs alongside that of the nearby market. At IT Factor Lahore, before we dispatch a PPC AdWords or begin PPC promoting we lead an exhaustive inquiry on your business and become acquainted with it in an ideal way. We at that point continue to investigate your business targets, your objectives, your opposition, the interesting necessities of your industry and your needs.
IT Factor Lahore is always driving high quality with high converting traffic. Most pay per click organizations likewise offers a modest amount of different other services, as SEO, web-based social networking, and website composition. Beyond any doubt we know how to do all that stuff, however by concentrating exclusively on PPC, our consideration is totally coordinated to driving top notch, high changing over activity straight to your site through web search tools like Google, Yahoo, Bing and even Facebook PPC promoting.
Our Service includes:

    1. PPC Audits
    2. Bing Advertising
    3. Social Advertising
    4. Display Advertising
    5. Google AdWords
    6. Remarketing and Retargeting
    7. Keyword Research
    8. Record Creation Process
    9. A/B Testing
    10. Improvement of the Landing Pages
    11. Lead Generation
    12. Select Appropriate Keywords
    13. Proceed with Analysis

Web Content Writing

You may have the most powerful site on the planet, yet in the event that it isn't conveying content that is justified regardless of the season of the individuals who visit your website, then you are sunk! Unfortunately, making a convincing website content is not everyone's business, on the grounds that there are syntactic principles and a desire for artful precision that comes with it. We understand that having a killer and flawless website content is a great way to increase both, exposure and credibility for your business, so this is the reason we are offering you the access to the world-class writers who can help you with their proficiency, accuracy, creativity, and above all, their personal dedication to quality.

You needn't bother with an author who sounds misleadingly shrewd, rather you require somebody who makes content that genuinely, truly, truly, and marvelously conveys. With over years of demonstrated reputation in conveying brings about passive consent to the requirements of our superb clients, we offer high effect site content written work benefits that are better than the rest. Regardless of whether you require your site to advice, contend, or induce, our authors will ensure your readers are convinced.
Content writing is the vital part of every single digital campaign and brand. Due to this fact, the web content you would provide should be optimized enough so, it can guarantee your clients a place at the top ranking of search results, you might end up losing them to your competitors.
Our content writers are equipped for composing quality substance, represent considerable authority in excess of 40 subject matters. Every last one of our customers is matched with the substance author who spends significant time in their line of business, which at last guarantees that our customers get the ideal substance.

We offer the following Web content writing services:

  1. SEO Articles
  2. Blog posts
  3. Product description
  4. Product reviews
  5. Website content
  6. Category descriptions

Our Content Writing Services are Always Online to Help You. There are circumstances in which even the most unmistakable understudies get themselves lost and unfit to complete the task before the due date. Our set up authors in all around prepared to work under the extreme time-weight and manage the broadened homework assignments in a matter of days. You can simply depend on our capability and our detailed framework which permits us draw of the most mind boggling assignments.
Want to know more about our professional writing services contact us at or call us at (+92-301-4878406). Moreover, you can also request a free quote at our website.