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IOS Apps Development

This amazing and detailed iOS Application Development course by I.T Factor Lahore focuses on providing the latest key elements for establishing a wide range of different iOS apps. By learning this course, you will able to understand the techniques and the design patterns which are related to the development of independent & standalone applications with mobile-commerce systems.

Features of our courses

•   We have Certified Trainers on our team.
•    100% practical training will be provided.
•    Help to review the recent approaches in the Application development field.
•    Flexible timings for students and employees.
•    100% Placement support will be given.
•    Free demo class facility.
•    Affordable Fees.
•    Working on Live projects.

What Will You Learn?

  • Introduction to iPhone and iPad development

    XCode 4 IDE Interface builder
    Introduction to Objective C Programming in iOS

        • The Concept of Object and Classes

        Categories building
        Static behavior and Threading
        Remote messaging and Exception Handling
        Memory management techniques

        • Building UI

        Making Application class and Delegates
        Integrating UI Application, Delegates, and Window
        Exploring the View and Controller Classes with Life Cycle Events
        Passing the data in views, switching between the views and adding it dynamically
        Controls, Text Field and Area

        • Menu Tab and Navigation Area

        Menu Tab Bar and Controller

        Menu Tab Bar Application template creation

        Navigation Bar Controller and its manipulation

        Implementation of the Navigation bar in any application

        • Table and its Views

        Table View Controllers, Delegates, and Data Sources
        Working with Table Rows
        Making groups and indexing the table rows
        Making the table layout
        Implementing table in navigation controller

        • The Concept of Data Architecture

        Core Data Architecture and Schemas
        Data Models
        Data loading, fetching and saving

        • Inputs

        Keyboard inputs and its customization
        Display of Input

        Data Handling

        File handling and data persistence
        Objects and list types
        Creation and modification of data through pList
        Working with SQLite database management system
        Concept of Web Services

        • Debugging Process

        Introduction to Debugging
        Different types of Debugging
        Debugging setting and execution

        • Deployment Process

        Configuring the development process
        Setting up the devices for development

        Prerequisite for this Course

        No pre-knowledge is required – only dedication and interest in the search engine working, marketing and a hint of web development + designing are needed.
        A PC or Mac is required.
        Necessary software for each module would be installed.

        Class Details