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Payroll Management System

The Payroll Management Solution will help to manage your company employees’ data like salaries and deductions, tax forms and generating paystubs, depositing the salary directly into employees’ bank accounts and more. Our expert agents remain online, contact us asap.

Characteristics of a payroll management system

IT Factor Lahore having prodigious Payroll Management software solution, provides your business with streamline and hands on services. Decrease the probability of mistake, no need to hire a managing staff our expert agents will do this in no time.

Employee benefits

Lots of benefits to your employees they will get their salary into their pocket without delay. They get all the details about the deductions, overtime and on-time payments. Repeating payroll task can result a human error but through our solution, the system produces some error messages to warn about your mistakes and results safe and easy transactions.

Timely transectionsDetail transcriptDirect Bank Connection


Our Payroll Management System solution having low cost in a market with the exceptional features in software marketing. Our expert team remains to assist you in any incompliance 24/7. The affordable prices having more benefits with the least installation cost, according to your budget.

Here are some of the key features of a payroll software by IT Factor Lahore:

Automatic payrollsBank connectionIntegrationsCompliance
Invoices and quotesReporting toolsTax FormsVendor & contractor payments


The customers' security is the top priority of an organization so, our system having Password protection, data encryption, firewall protection and automated person verifications allow only admins to access your system. Keeping system security at preference our cybersecurity team update our product from time to time with latest scripts by diminishing the software bugs.

Tax compliance

Without any mistake and inconvenience, it evaluates the workers’ salaries and tax of your business. A small mistake in evaluating the tax of your organization can results blunder. No matters the size of organization the Payroll Management system is crucial.